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A First Impression


    hey are the experts when it comes to the land, the jungle and the beasts, living harmoniously with their wild motherland. They often perform ritual battles to show their courage and masculinity, and they worship the fierce Mother Goddess, Karimpili - The Dark One from the hills. Elefantapass is guarded, maintained and served by these wild, yet dearly hospitable tribesmen.




Welcome to Elefantapass

Beware of the peculiar characteristics of the wild elephants. Especially when they let out their excessive energy in full moon nights and during the mating season. Be silent, when they come near Elefantapass. They will not harm you unless they feel threatened. Beat the drum and light the torch if they come towards you. Do not panic when the elephants come knocking at your hideout. Enjoy the moment and wait for them to move on. You'll feel lucky to get so close.

          The members of the Kurichya, a hunter - gatherer clan, your hosts at Elefantapass, enjoy living a secluded life in the mountainous jungles of Wayanad. By the way, they are the very people that waged that most fearsome guerilla war against the British under the famous king Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja.

Elefantapass is an exciting place to be, and an ideal experience for nature loving travellers. The atmosphere is amazing, and especially in the evenings you can experience a closeness to nature and a peace like never before.

" When the shadows grow darker
and the cricket's chirping gets silent,
it's time to light a bonfire...
For sure ...heat is here... "

Our Specialities

We do not regret for not providing the following luxuries and spoil the jungle atmosphere.

* Electric Lights * Cooking Gas * Television * Radio * Newspaper * Clock * Calendar. And the unavailability of mobile signal is considered as an extra relief for our most valuable guests. On arrival and emergency guests may be allowed to use our landline free of cost for a limited period.

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