Elefantapass | The one and only tribal stay in Kerala, India. Managed, served, guarded, entertained and maintained by tribals in their true and ethnic habitat.

In a Nutshell

At Elefantapass you’ll stay directly in the jungle of North Kerala, 25 km away from the next city, in lush and unspoiled nature, and the local tribes people are your hosts. There is no mobile signal and almost no other sign of modern civilization.

The Elephants

Yes, there are wild elephants, who sometimes come to the settlement at night, but you are protected by a fence. Since Kerala is a biodiversity hotspot, there are also a myriad of other creatures for you to discover in the jungle.

Your Hosts

The members of the Kurichya tribal community, who are still hunter – gatherers, are extremely well adapted to life in the jungle and know it like the back of their hand. They are also really hospitable people. Meet them. Experience their culture. Eat their food. And be enriched.

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