What you will find at Elefantapass

You will stay in a house on stilts, or a cottage, which caters to your basic needs of a traveler coming to the jungle. The bathroom has a toilet and a water heater. (If you need hot water for your shower we can throw on the power generator for you.)

Clay chair columns will make you feel like spending time outside with a book, or to just relax, with the rich, fragrant air breezing around you.

In spring you can experience the enchanting, pure aroma of white coffee flowers from the plantation that surrounds Elefantapass.

Eat tribal food and try yourself on tribal cooking if you like. All dishes are cooked on open fire and all trace back to the tribe’s hunter- gatherer days. Served among others is elephant yams, sweet potato, cassava, chena, wild chembu and all edible tubers that can be stored without refrigeration. Moreover wild honey, medicinal dishes, medicinal juices, wild amla, crushed tender coconut cream, dried meat, spicy curries and fresh fish from the river…

Doctor on call.

" Night Jeep Safari Arranged On Request...."


» Archery Show
» Tribal Cooking
» Tribal Dance
» Jeep Safari - Poonamballe & Makki
» Thirunelli Night Safari
» Trekking - Makki Hill

Explore Ethnic Tribal Stay....
       Find a New Rhythm of Life...                          Enjoy New Tastes of Food...


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