About Elefantapass

Elefantapass is actually a project, a unique blend of ethnic tribal stay and an avid move towards the restoration of the harmonious co- existence of the wild environments and mankind.

Nestled in rows of lush coffee bushes and protected by fencing against Elephants and all the other jungle dwelling animals, you are free to experience absolute peace, the magnificent nature, rich fragrant air and the culture of your hosts, which have been living in this land forever.

Eat tribal food and try yourself on tribal cooking if you like. All dishes are cooked on open fire and all trace back to the tribe’s hunter- gatherer days. Served among others is elephant yams and all edible tubers that can be stored without refrigeration. Moreover wild honey, medicinal dishes, medicinal juices, wild amla, crushed tender coconut cream, dried meat and fresh fish from the river…

Practice archery.

Step out into the jungle in company of your tribal guides, where deer, monkeys, wild boars, red squirrels and all the other animals can be experienced.


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