About Elefantapass

Project Elefantapass is a unique blend of ethnic tribal stay and an avid move for the restoration of the harmonious living of the wild and the human race.

Made of wild bamboo walls and roofed with elephant grass, rooms on clay floors, the little huts form a virtual tribal settlement. Drawing a boundary with the rain forest around with its thick coffee bushes growing under the lush green tropical trees and protected by Wired fencing erected by the Forest Department to save it from the frequenting savage beasts, life at the huts is more than relaxing. Wild bamboo beds, vistas to the jungle around, panelled tree top hut is a replica of the hunter hide outs used earlier to watch and trash invaders outside of tribal habitats. Open veranda and clay chair columns make you meditate, read or relax with an intake of rich air breezing around. At spring, myth surrogates it with the pure aroma of white coffee flowers that bed beneath. Pebbled floor, bamboo blinds and an open roof, the bathroom surely fits to its
ethnicity barring modern toiletry and water supply.

A Tribal Stay is most felt when you live in the real habitat. No matter how exotic you are to the lifestyle of the wild, living in Elefantapass is an incarnation, an awakening to a wild dream and return to the wild in you. The day dawns on you with a ritualistic offering to the Malankari- the deity of culture bringer by Shantha, at this misty tribal settlement. Practice
archery or indulge in tribal cooking, you would love doing it for yourself. Of course, the most ritualistic tribe Kurichya custom hosts quite an unimaginable surprise for you, always. Be in company with this tribal communion when deers, monkeys, wild boars, red squirrels and butterflies roam around undeterred. Only you are exotic to this wild part of life. The
rest, live it as you see it.